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Correcting The Biggest Coworking Myths

As co-working spaces have become more popular, there’s a lot of buzz going on about these office rentals. And that’s for good reason. Comparing offices to find the right workspace is important for productivity, motivation, and organization.

But although co-working spaces bring several benefits to your business and team, there are a lot of coworking misconceptions out there right now. So let’s break down some of the top myths about coworking spaces. Afterward, you’ll have a clear understanding of how this type of office rental can improve your company.

The Top 3 Myths About Coworking

1. There's No Privacy In A Co-Working Space

Not all of the space in a co-working office is open. Yes, there are often rows with different desks in common areas. But in reality, flexible spaces like co-working offices provide several options.

They’re perfect for individuals, small teams, and even larger teams. For instance, in the common areas there are dedicated desks for workers. They can leave their things there overnight and have the same spot every day.

Additionally, there are smaller private offices for anywhere from two to eight people. And there are large team suites for ten, twenty people or more. So ultimately, you can always achieve privacy in a co-working space depending on what you rent.

2. It's More Expensive Than Classic Offices

Contrary to what you might have heard, co-working spaces are actually less expensive than traditional office rentals. Think of it this way: when you rent a traditional office, you have to invest in a lot of overhead. Everything from insurance to taxes to cleaning, management fees, and more has to be covered.

That’s not to mention basic amenities like office equipment, utilities, internet, furniture design, and a coffee machine. At a coworking space, all of the benefits are included in a price so you don’t have to invest in extra overhead just to get your team started.

In other words, you can always scale your office space up or down in a coworking location depending on your needs.

3. It's Just For Startups And Freelancers

It’s true that co-working spaces became popular in Silicon Valley for a lot of technology freelancers in the 1990s. A more progressive and open atmosphere contributed to engagement and productivity.

But that being said, co-working spaces are perfect for every level of profession. You have access to every business tool that you may need, as well as the ability to socialize and engage in more community events.

Keep in mind, if you prefer to keep your team insulated, you can always prioritize privacy and focus over innovation and engagement. These days co-working spaces are incredibly well-designed.

They look professional, have reception and meeting rooms for every need. When a client walks into your co-working space, they’ll be impressed, not the other way around. Furthermore, you can receive business mail and have an official business address.

When someone looks you up on Google Maps, they’ll see a beautiful building instead of a shabby little office like you may be accustomed to.

Get The Best Co-Working Spaces Today

At Clarksville Business Suites, we offer the best coworking spaces in Columbia, MD. With flexible lease terms, professional atmosphere, and state-of-the-art tech tools, we have you covered. Reach out today and find out how all the myths about coworking you’ve heard have been turned on their head.

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