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Types Of Office Spaces

A well-lit, airy, and spacious office is the dream of any business owner or employee. But not all offices are created equal. Depending on business type, team size, and budget, you can choose various office spaces. Here are a few popular options.

1. Co-working Office Space

Coworking office space is a relatively new concept that is growing in popularity. These office spaces are usually open-plan and shared by several businesses. They are often located in creative or start-up hubs and can be an excellent option for small businesses or freelancers who want to be surrounded by like-minded people. Key benefits of a coworking space are networking opportunities, a collaborative environment, and, often, a lower cost than renting a traditional office space.

2. Executive Office Space

Executive office space is usually more traditional in style and design. These offices are typically smaller, with fewer shared spaces, and are often located in business districts. They are a good option for businesses that need a professional environment but do not require a lot of space. The highlights of such office spaces are that they offer a suitable environment for formal meetings and client presentations.

3. Traditional Office Space

Businesses lease traditional office spaces from a property owner or management company. They are usually located in office buildings or complexes and can vary significantly in size. Businesses that need a lot of space and want the flexibility to customize their environment benefit the most from traditional office space. Other benefits of the traditional workspace are – a private entrance and the ability to brand the space with your company’s logo.

4. Creative Office Space

Creative office spaces are designed to encourage creativity and collaboration. They are often open plan, with lots of natural light and exciting features such as exposed brick walls or lofted ceilings. These office spaces are usually located in creative hubs or start-up districts. They are a good option for businesses that want to foster a creative and innovative culture. Some business types benefitting from a creative office space include design firms, advertising agencies, and tech start-ups.

5. Contiguous Office Space

Contiguous office space is two or more units next to each other and can be joined to create a larger space. This type of office space is often used by expanding businesses that need the flexibility to grow. The benefits of contiguous office space include expanding as your business grows and the option to customize the environment to suit your needs.

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