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The Difference Between Coworking And Shared Office Spaces

With the digital nature of business today, a standard 9-5 office is becoming less popular. Companies from small to large are considering alternative options. This means they’re looking into shared office spaces and coworking spaces to get more done in less time. However, these two similar concepts have some unique differences.

But what is a coworking space or shared office in the first place? Well, in this post, let’s discover what some of the core distinctions are between a coworking space and a shared office space.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to determine which of these options might be best for your growing company. That way you can make the best decisions for your future.

Shared Office Space vs. Coworking Space

It’s a good idea to get a head start on your search for an office for lease in Clarksville.  But the first thing you need to understand in the “coworking space vs office” debate is the difference between these two types of spaces. So let’s talk about the definitions right now:

What Is A Shared Office Workspace?

A shared office space is one in which there are several individual offices in one building. However, instead of one company simply owning the entire building, it’s rented out to different companies. Therefore, a shared office space would share receptionists, TVs, conference rooms, and other community amenities.

However, you would still have your private office. You may also have a tech staff on hand to do troubleshooting, like fixing a printer or something like that.

This is great for businesses who want to keep their costs down but still have professional space to receive mail and receive clients. You may even connect with some other business owners in a shared office space.

What Is A Coworking Space?

have a A coworking space is similar to a shared office space. However, this is a much newer concept. Typically, coworking spaces are more budget-friendly. In coworking spaces, you won’t always private office. In fact, for some teams, it’s not even necessary.

Just like a shared office space, you’ll share a receptionist, coffee machine, printer, lounge, meeting rooms, and more. Certain amenities like projectors and bathrooms will be shared. Coworking spaces are becoming incredibly popular today. It tends to be more of a communal atmosphere in coworking spaces.

The main difference between coworking spaces and shared office spaces is that coworking spaces cost extra if you want to rent your own private office. However, they still have that opportunity for you.

The Benefits Of Shared Office Spaces

Aside from saving money over a traditional office space, a shared office space brings a surprising number of advantages. For instance, you can have all the amenities that you might have in a traditional office without overextending your budget.

It also gives you access to high-speed internet, which is absolutely essential today. They may have other equipment available like fax machines, phones, copy machines, and other tech equipment. Additionally, you can appear professional because the office space already comes pre-furnished and is maintained with a cleaning staff.

They may also have security that keeps you and your staff safe. You won’t have to spend time on time-consuming tasks because there are secretaries to handle phone calls or walk-in clients for you. Furthermore, another benefit is the fact that you don’t have to rent a shared office space for as long as a traditional office.

Disadvantages Of Shared Office Space

There are some downsides, however, to shared office spaces. For one, if you’re not a very social person, you may not like being interrupted by the other people in the space. Additionally, you may actually prefer to commit to a space for a longer period of time to simplify your logistics.

Furthermore, you may not have 24-7 access to the shared office space depending on where you rent from.

Benefits Of A Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have several benefits. That’s one of the reasons why they’re becoming the most common type of office rental today. Some of the benefits include networking and brainstorming.

You can connect with others and collaborate to cross-promote your businesses. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about buying or renting amenities since they’re already provided for you. Of course, the cost benefit is one of the main reasons to rent a coworking space. You can reinvest your money back into other types of business growth or technology.

Just like a shared office space, the built-in technical support services, Wi-Fi, and other amenities make it easy to plug in and start running your business from day one.

Disadvantages Of Coworking Spaces

Some companies prefer to have their own private office with their name on the building. If you’re a large enterprise company, then coworking spaces may not be the perfect fit for you. You may still be able to have some distributed teams in coworking spaces, but you may choose a more traditional office for that reason.

Like shared offices, you may prefer to have a more private atmosphere. While you can have private offices and coworking spaces, be prepared to network if you’re going to put yourself in that environment.

Lease Office Space In Clarksville Today

Being able to receive official mail makes you appear much more professional in the B2B space. Instead of having mail come to your home or a PO box, you can ensure that you have zero issues receiving official business letters. Hopefully you no longer have to ask “What is a coworking space” after reading this post. Reach out to Clarksville Business Suites and discover what kind of office spaces are awaiting you. If you’re based in the area, you can tour a variety of offices that let you access the amenities, productivity, and atmosphere that you need.

No matter what size your team is or what your budget is, Clarksville Business Suites can help. Don’t waste time looking anywhere else. Get into an office you can be proud of and start producing more profits and growth sooner rather than later. 

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