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Executive Suites And Office Space: What’s The Distinction?

If your business is looking to grow, then having the right workspace is of the utmost importance. However, that’s easier said than done. For instance, there’s actually an important difference between executive suites and traditional office space.

While they may sound similar, the type of workspace you choose should depend on your specific aims and timelines. Keep reading to discover the difference between executive suites versus office space.

And of course, if you need office space for rent in Columbia, MD, we can help you at Clarksville Business Suites. We offer customized, flexible, and high-tech rentals to meet whatever business targets you may have.

Executive Suites vs. Office Space: Top Differences

Conventional Office Space

Traditionally you rent office space for a longer period of time, which gives you a better price. For instance, three to five year rentals are commonplace.

If you’re renting a class A building in certain locations, you may have to rent at least a thousand square feet. But after you calculate how much space you need, you may determine that it’s not necessary. Additionally, you’ll purchase furnishings, phone systems, and internet.

For businesses that can afford to commit to longer periods of time, this might be beneficial.

However, smaller businesses or growing businesses are at a disadvantage. The same goes for startups, branch offices, or small satellite locations. It creates pressure on your bottom line.

Executive Suites

Executive suites provide many of the same advantages as a traditional office. However, they are smaller space-wise.

You enjoy shared amenities such as receptionists, a reception area, lobby, break room, coffee and tea, internet, and furniture. These spaces are typically rented on a monthly basis or up to 18 months.

Executive suites allow you to get started quickly since everything is fully furnished. This includes decor, artwork, and even phone lines. Ultimately, these are an affordable professional option for startups who don’t want to commit long term.

Co-Working Spaces — Another Option

Co-working spaces can offer a blend of benefits from traditional offices and executive suites. In fact, some coworking buildings may have executive suites built in.

Essentially, a co-working space is an evolution of the executive suite rental option. Aside from having private offices for rent, there are also open desks or tables in which freelancers, small teams, or other professionals can work out in the open.

Most of the spaces are shared and communal. And yet, you still have the option of privacy to meet with clients, take phone calls, or otherwise focus.

Rent Office Space Today

At Clarksville Business Suites, we can equip you with the best office rentals in Clarksville, MD. Enjoy a great location, state-of-the-art amenities, and friendly customer service. Simply contact us today to learn more.

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